Dealing With Smoke Damage

If a home can be still lived in after a fire, then the people living there have to deal with the smells and stains left behind by the smoke. There are a lot of ways to take care of the smoke damage, depending on how bad it is. The focus needs to be getting rid of the odor, taking care of the walls, and washing clothes and deodorizing furniture.

To get rid of the smell of smoke, clean with an orange or other citrus-scented disinfectant. Wipe down the walls, counter tops, sinks, cabinets, drawers, and windows. Basically, the whole home needs to be cleaned out with this cleaner. If the smell is really bad, an ozone generator that costs about a hundred dollars can be brought in to help get rid of the odors. After the stains and smells are dealt with, then the walls need to be repainted. Before painting, the smoke damage needs to be sealed out by priming the walls with a quality primer. Proper latex paints need to be used on top of the primer to complete the task of ensuring that the smoke damage will be gone. The next step is to wash clothes and deodorize the furniture.

After all the walls are clean and the smoke smell is taken care of, then the items that are covered in fabric or are totally made of fabric need to be taken care of. Clothing, bedding, curtains, and fabric furniture are in these categories and they hold odors very well. When it comes to clothing, all clothes that were in the home and the clothes worn for cleanup need to be washed. Put a cup of the citrus disinfectant that was used to clean the hard surfaces in the washer. If the smell is still present after the laundry is done, then a cup of ammonia needs to be added to get rid of the smell. Be sure to use the ammonia in an area that has plenty of ventilation. Furniture is harder to get clean and often has to be replaced. If new furniture cannot be purchased, the best thing that can be done is to use a carpet deodorizer to cover up the smell.

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