Dry Out Hidden Water Leaks

Many times, homeowners are unaware of hidden water leaks. These can be of great concern. This can happen from a cracked pipe, a broken seal, or other possible causes. You can prevent more costly repairs if you catch the situation early on.

A major sign of a hidden leak is if the ceiling is sagging in some location. However, the signs of a leak are many times more subtle, and you need to use your detective skills to detect them.

Water that is trapped behind walls or above ceilings needs to be dried out. If areas are left wet, then they can produce mold and mildew. The trick is to somehow get air circulating throughout the house. You can do this by getting air circulating through the house by the use of fans.

Another method that is faster and more effective is to use dehumidifiers. This is more expensive, however. Dehumidifiers can be used to remove deep embedded moisture. If
you have a wood floor, or if the framing in the walls has become soaked, a dehumidifier will work to pull the moisture out.

Drying out the hidden recesses of your home can be difficult and challenging, and it is always best to have a professional help you out with the process.

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