Natural Disaster Response

Call immediately for Tulsa water damage restoration. Getting caught up in the aftermath of a natural disaster in Oklahoma can be overwhelming, that’s why the best course of action is to call upon the disaster restoration specialists at Assurance Restoration. Afterwards, many return to their homes and personal property which have been damaged or lost. So, surviving a disaster may be just the first step for victims of a natural disaster. Although most people know that insurance and, perhaps the government will get involved, they lack a basic understanding of how to go about restoring their property.

Common Response Methods

Homeowners like to know the next steps involved when faced with extensive home repair. Following are three of the most common disasters and how a disaster restoration company in Tulsa can help you.

  1. Flooding. Tulsa has a long history of flooding. Because it is situated on the Arkansas River and built around many streams and creeks, rising water damages thousands of Tulsa homes every year. Flooding can cause long-term property damage if the building materials are not dried after water levels recede. Dampness can cause rot and mold damage, leaving you in need of a reliable mold remediation service. Flood damage cleanup requires drying out the home, checking for fungal colonies, and replacing drywall, carpeting, and other vulnerable building materials.
  2. Fires. Fire cleanup is a tricky matter. Fires can make homes dangerous — support walls and structures may be badly impaired and the fire may have also exposed harmful chemicals. Home restoration services are responsible for restoring the integrity of your building, removing hazardous waste, cleaning the air, and removing odors left by the fire. Smoke damage clean up may also be necessary, depending on the size of the fire.
  3. Tornados. Tulsa is always in danger of tornados. The scope of an F5 tornado’s destruction is huge, ruining neighborhoods and destroying property. Natural disaster recovery efforts must be well-coordinated. Home restoration experts must visit your property to determine each client’s individual needs.

Rating Natural Disasters

Responding to natural disasters means surveying the damage and providing a commensurate response. To get a government response, a disaster must be branded as at least a major disaster. Disasters become major if the local and state governments lack the manpower or finances to assist civilians in loss mitigation and cleanup.

Presidential Major Disaster Declarations are executive actions that put special, long-term programs into place to help local companies and civilians return their lives to normal. Finally, an impending natural disaster or a very specific community need (e.g. lack of food after a storm) may warrant an emergency declaration. In this case, the government supplies funding to prevent destruction or support the community in a specific way.

Getting Help

Assurance Restoration has more than 20 years of experience responding to natural disasters and heavy storm damage, offering our expert damage recovery services. Please call at (918) 268-7201 if you have recently been hit with a natural disaster in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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