After Fire Damage Homeowners Need Odor Removal

Whenever you have a fire, you obviously have smoke. Even after you escape from those harmful fumes, the smell of smoke lingers in your home. Smoke is made up of particles. The particles land on every surface of your house. They penetrate into every crevice. You won’t be able to remove the particles by yourself. You’ll need help.

Many people try to get rid of the odors themselves. They quickly realize that the problem can be handled more efficiently and thoroughly by a trained professional. A professional will use special neutralizing products. These are not available to the public at large. Also, the longer you wait, the more damage is done.

There are some things that you can do by yourself, however. You should thoroughly wash the floors and the cabinetry that is in the kitchen. Vacuum the carpets with a HEPA high-efficiency filter. This will trap smoke particles inside of the vacuum. Take down and wash the light fixtures. Take off the draperies and window shades and clean them. Place a large fan in your home to refresh the air. Move the fan from room to room.


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