Handling The Flow of Water Damage

When a storm hits near a home, it can cause water damage that is difficult to fix. There is a lot of things people can do to start fixing the damage before they call a professional to complete the job. If they enter the home as soon as possible, they may be to save some clothing and furniture. They do need to be careful due to the fact that contaminated liquids and animals may cause serious bodily harm.

Prior to entering a home that has water damage, the electricity needs to be turned off. Any exposed wires or devices that are plugged in can electrocute people, which can cause serious injuries or death. It is also a good idea to move through the property slowly when entering it for the first time. Snakes, reptiles, or rodents could be hiding under debris and can attack quickly. To protect them from contamination from airborne elements and animals, people need to wear protective clothing from head to toe, including a vapor respirator, rubber gloves, and eye protection. It is a good idea to also wear thick boots that can hold up to punctures and animal bites. The next step is to contact a professional restoration service.

A professional restoration service can quickly tell what items in a home have been compromised by water damage. Typically, anything that is porous could have to be thrown out if it has been in contact with fluids that are contaminated. These items can include mattresses, box springs, pillows, items made out of particle board can trap more moisture than other materials and promote the growth of microbes. People can get ready for the professional’s visit by getting rid of these before they get there. Before they get rid of them, they need to properly document and itemize the items for insurance purposes. When the professional’s arrive, they will find hidden spots of moisture, expose them to air so they can dry, start the cleanup process, and speed up the drying out process.

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