How to Handle The Drain of Water Damage

When water enters places in a home where it does not belong, it can cause a lot of damage. It can not only ruin the items in a home, but the home as well. If a person acts quickly, damage control can be done and they may be able to save some of their belongings. A lot of determining what can be saved depends on how long the water has been standing. Do not treat flooded areas gently. Having a damp area or just an inch of standing water can cause a breeding ground for mold. The growth of mold will damage walls, furniture, carpets, and other household items. It also causes health problems and serious illnesses. Stopping the growth of mold also is essential to keep the air in a home clean and healthy. Along with calling the insurance company, these ideas will help people deal with floods and minimize the water damage.

The first step is to turn off the electricity, unplug all electronics, move any electronics, and move all furniture and items that can be moved right away. The quicker that items can be moved out of the path of water, the more chance that they have of being saved. Move all of the electrical items first and, if possible, turn off all power to the places that are affected, especially if the water rises above the electrical outlets. Pull up all the carpets and padding. The carpets may be saved, but they could shrink to the size of a rug. The padding will more than likely be ruined though. The water also has to be gotten rid of, the affected areas need to be dried out, the home needs to be disinfected, the growth of mold needs to be stopped, and the damaged items need to be gotten rid of responsibly (some of them can be recycled).

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