How to Handle The Strain of Smoke Damage

Cleaning up smoke damage can be a very difficult job. Without professional trying to clean up smoke damage all by yourself can truly be a nightmare. To control the level of smoke damage, air should be circulated throughout the home with the use of air conditioners, fans, and open windows if possible. If additional water damage is found during the cleanup, a dehumidifier should be also used. Any items made of brass and copper during the smoke damage restoration because they can be damaged by smoke within twenty-four hours.

Getting rid of soot is also hard to do during the smoke damage cleanup. It can stain textiles, carpets, and other items and its oiliness makes it hard to get rid off. A professional smoke restoration service may be able to get rid of the soot by using a heavy-duty vacuum. Smoke damage also produces a strong and unpleasant smoke smell in clothing and fabric that needs to be gotten rid off during the smoke elimination process. A smoke damage service can be called to determine what chemicals can be used to get rid of smoke odors. A counteractant can be applied by them to furniture, carpet, and draperies to get rid of the smoke smell on them. An ozone may also be needed to get rid of the smell of smoke.

The majority of household deodorizing sprays and disinfectants that are made to get rid of smoke damage only work temporarily. In fact, some deodorizing sprays might react badly to the smoke and make the smell worse. If clothing or textiles cannot be cleaned during the smoke elimination process, there are other things that can be done to get them clean. Dish washing detergent and gallon of warm can be used to clean clothing by soaking them in the mixture all night. The next day they can be washed and dried as normal. Clothes that can be bleached can be cleaned with four to six teaspoons of trisodium phosphate and a cup of bleach. Then rinse the clothes in cold water and dry. The next step is to clean household linens and textiles. Clothes that cannot be washed in a washing machine can be sent to a dry cleaner.

Carpets need to be cleaned twice, before the smoke elimination and after it. It is also important to clean the smoke damaged walls. Chemical sponges from a cleaning company can get rid of soot. Paint thinner and alcohol can be used to clean smoke damaged walls, but can be toxic so it needs to be done carefully. A person has to wear rubber gloves and windows need to be open for ventilation while this is going on. Lastly, a professional smoke removal can do a process called thermal fogging to neutralize smoke odors all the way. Also, if attic insulation has a lot of smoke damage it will need to be replaced.

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