How To Prepare For Winter Weather


Tips On Preparing For Winter

With winter right around the corner, it’s prudent to start thinking about how to prepare for the upcoming cold season. From water damage and frozen pipes to roof damage and faulty AC units. You can encounter several complications if you fail to prepare. Here’s some expert advice on how to gear up for wintertime.

Check Your HVAC Systems

Definitely something you want to do if you’re preparing for winter. If you’re in for a harsh winter, you’ll find great comfort in knowing that your heater is up to snuff. Conduct a thorough inspection to ensure that your HVAC unit will get you through the winter. It’s no secret that Tulsa has some of the lowest winter temperatures in the southwest. A working heater will keep you out of the cold. Be sure to check your filters and coils.

Inspect Your Roof

If your roof is looking worse for wear, it won’t hold up against inclement weather. Blizzards, in particular, cause considerable roof damage to homes that aren’t structurally sound. When the snow melts, you could be looking at water damage as well. Check your shingles, gutters, and decking to prevent heavy snow build up, ice dams, and leaks. Water damage can cause serious problems for your walls, insulation, floors, and other materials. Not to mention the growth of bacteria and mold in your home or business.

Seal Broken Pipes

Frozen pipes are the kiss of death for a homeowner. Without properly functioning pipes, your home’s internal systems will malfunction. A pipe bursting underneath your homes foundation can be expensive to repair. The foundation can also suffer from premature settling if too much water builds up. If you detect any cracks or leaks, you’ll want to seal them immediately. In doing so, they’ll be less likely to freeze.
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