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Tulsa smoke damage restoration service

Smoke damage restoration is not something you want to do on your own. Trusting the smoke damage repair specialists at Assurance Restoration ensures that your home will return to its former splendor. When a fire starts in a home, there are many dangers associated with this unfortunate event. While the damage caused by the flames often takes the majority of a homeowner’s attention, there is a great deal of damage caused by smoke. Smoke damage can be responsible for leaving behind a horrible smell long after the fire has been put out, leaving stains on walls or ceilings, causing severe health hazards, and corroding structurally light or delicate materials.

The more extensive a fire, and the greater amount of objects and property it consumes, the more dangerous the smoke. Smoke is composed of a variety of often virulent chemicals, and the dangers of the smoke are directly proportional to chemicals being released by the burning of objects in the home. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a common effect of smoke inhalation, and the inhalation of other chemicals in the smoke can lead to unconsciousness, suffocation, and death.

Restoring Your Home

The dangers to your home, however, are often understated, and few people recognize how important smoke damage cleanup is to restoring a home back to a safe environment. Testing the air quality for leftover traces of harmful chemicals is one aspect of smoke damage restoration, while cleaning out HVAC units, vents, and ducts is another important factor.

The fire damage restoration service experts at Assurance Restoration performs these services as well as many others that are needed in smoke damage cleaning. The removal of stains and the repair or replacement of any building materials that might have become corroded by the smoke are often necessary smoke damage restoration services. Restoration of electronics and circuitry is similarly important, as the volatile chemicals in smoke may corrode the fragile wiring and filaments that can be found in circuit boards and electronic home appliances.

Structural fires, on the other hand, may require restoration and replacement of any fabric or cloth materials that were not burned in the fire, as the smoke will have likely been absorbed into the material. As the chemicals in smoke bond to all surfaces they come in contact with and begin to corrode those surfaces, it is important that materials be thoroughly cleaned or replaced as soon as possible.

Smoke Damage Assessment

If your Tulsa home has suffered from smoke damage, make sure to contact Assurance Restoration or dial (918) 268-7201 as soon as possible to receive a FREE smoke damage assessment from one of our smoke damage restorationprofessionals.

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