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Smoke damage is easy to spot, right? Unfortunately, real life isn’t so simple.

Fires are more than mere flames. The smoke and hot gasses that accompany them can be as devastating as the actual blaze. Here’s what every property owner should know about bouncing back from fires.

Post-disaster Damage Assessments Need to Dig Deep

Although burn scars are easy to see, smoke damage has a way of hiding itself. Gaseous combustion byproducts can travel anywhere, including attics, basements and closets. They can even wind up inside wall cavities.
Expert damage appraisers find these signs even if most humans can’t. By using professional diagnostic tools to uncover damage, a restorer can give a home a clean bill of health.

Smoke Damage Moves Fast

As it spreads, smoke deposits heavy metals, soot, toxins and a host of other health hazards in its wake. Smoke damage also permeates properties with impossible-to-remove smells. From clothing and couches to carpets and cabinets, many common household items are vulnerable.
Cleaning a single area won’t cut it. With the aid of ordinary household air currents, smoky smells can travel from one spot to another. Those who don’t clean comprehensively might find themselves redoing the work later.

Restoration Claims Are Less Stressful When They Start Early

Want the insurance company to pay for fire damage repairs? Filing restoration claims is easier for those who don’t wait around. Homeowners who work with reputable restoration professionals might be more likely to win payouts. To learn more about making the right moves in your time of need, contact us soon.
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