Special Techniques to Dry Out after a Salt Water Flood

If you live along the ocean or a salt-water canal, you may be exposed to the effects of salt-water damage. The clean-up and restoration that you need is different from that which you need after an ordinary spill. The salt water from a flood reacts with insulation on wires and the wires themselves. Also, it reacts with materials such as zinc, steel, and concrete.

The first thing that you need to do after the flood is to make sure that the electricity is shut down. The remedy for salt is to flush everything with fresh water. However, to carry this out, you need specific training.

To clean up salt water damage, you should begin as soon as possible after the flood. The longer that you leave the salt on things in your home, the more damage will occur. Also, the restoration process becomes more difficult the longer that the salt remains.

When the clean-up process is taking place, items in your home must be continually monitored for salt content. Also, mold remediation needs to be taken care of immediately. This includes steps to prevent the mold from returning.

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