How to Handle to Handle Emergency Restoration After Storms

In the wake of the Moore, OK devastation on May 20, 2013, due to an EF5 tornado that made a swathe of destruction across the town, emergency restoration services were an absolute necessity. Entire neighborhoods were leveled, along with two schools. The overwhelming scope of the disaster clean up process was a crushing blow on top of an already tragic scene.

Unfortunately, this type of catastrophe or natural disaster isn’t uncommon. Earth is home to an overabundance of natural disasters that continue to negatively affect people’s lives. When this happens, disaster restoration services become imperative to help get communities back on their feet and working towards new or repaired homes as quickly as possible.

In Moore, OK, winds peaked at 210 mph and the tornado was approximately 1.3 miles wide, leaving behind a wake of incredible destruction. In the entire month of May, 2013, Oklahoma had 63 incidences of tornadoes that took the lives of 34 people. Clearly, certain regions are more prone to different types of natural disasters than others, so being prepared and hiring the right emergency restoration professionals always makes an enormous difference in how quickly a family can return to their ordinary, daily lives.

Emergency Disaster Restoration

Providing storm and emergency disaster restoration services involve difficult, lengthy processes. Most people who have suffered from a destructive storm are already worn down and emotionally distraught. Calling a professional Tulsa disaster restoration service restores balance and structure to a family much faster and safer than they could do themselves.

Assurance Restoration offers a variety of disaster and emergency restoration services. Our emergency restoration services are available 24/7, helping to reduce the amount of secondary damage caused by flooding or fire by cleaning up problem areas as soon as humanly possible. With our disaster specialists always available to take your call, Assurance Restoration delivers a more consistent and timely service than other companies in the Tulsa area.

Specific Storm Restoration Services We Offer

Mold remediation: Mold damage is often virulent and difficult to contain without professional aid. When flooding occurs, quickly extracting all of the water and drying the area helps reduce the damage caused by mold.

Smoke damage restoration: Smoke damage is difficult to remove, leaving behind stains, soot, and noxious odors. It causes illness due to toxins in the air after a fire.

Storm damage cleanup: Storm damage can include roof damage, leaks, flooding, broken windows or walls, and more. Many times, storm damage occurs while people are sleeping, which presents a dangerous situation for people that are disoriented from waking up, not realizing the full extent of the damage done to their home.

Fire damage restoration: Fire damage literally eats away at a home and leaves toxin-filled smoke behind which can pose health hazards and unsafe living conditions. Having a fire restoration professional on-hand to provide clean up is an absolute necessity.

What Should You Do in An Emergency?

First, if you are in imminent danger, call 911! After the storm is gone, call the emergency disaster restoration and Tulsa water damage restoration experts at Assurance Restoration to take the shortest path towards getting your life back on track. In the wake of a natural disaster or other loss, call Assurance at (918) 268-7201 or contact us online — we’ll be there to provide a safe, reliable solution when disaster strikes.

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