Preparing For Spring And Summer Storms

If you’re like most people, you’re happy to see the return of flowers, blue skies, and backyard barbecues. Spring and summer bring many great times with friends and family. But you’re probably not looking forward to roof leaks and other damage caused by spring and summer storms. Summer storms can cause many problems including flooding, downed tree branches and power lines, roof leaks, and more. Here’s what you can do now to minimize the impact of spring and summer storms on your home.

Roof Damage Prevention

The best roof damage prevention strategies involve keeping the roof in the best possible shape. Performing an inspection before the onset of seasonal storms identifies weak spots. These can be loose shingles, cracks in vent pipe gaskets, and other conditions that may lead to roof leaks if not repaired. It’s also essential to ensure that nearby trees are free of dead branches to minimize damage caused by branches during periods of high winds.

Flood Damage Prevention

Although there’s little you can do to stop the forces of nature, there are a few flood damage prevention practices that work. Properly placed retaining walls deter flood waters, and sump pumps divert water away from the home. Having gutters installed on your house can direct water away from doors, windows and other openings. Drainage can also help when ground water reaches critical levels.
A professional inspection provides homeowners with a plan of action to minimize weather-related damage. Please feel free to call us today for more information on how you can get ready for spring and summer weather.
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