Surviving Storm Damage

Storm damage can really stress someone out. It can make a home look bad and make it hard to live in. When a storm hits a home, the first thing to do is to clean up the debris around a home. The large debris needs to be gotten rid of first. This includes tree branches and large pieces of metal and wood. Then the smaller items need to be picked up. Salvage what can be saved since purchasing all new stuff is quite costly. Then the roof, drain, and gutters need to be checked.

The damaged parts of the roof need to be covered with waterproof roofing materials until the roof can be fixed or replaced. Look in the gutters for possible clogs. It is also important to drain the water out of them because water and moisture will do additional harm to a home. Any damage to siding needs to be replaced to stop air and moisture from entering a house and damaging the items in it. Call a siding contractor to fix the damage the siding has and only get siding that is made of vinyl, steel, or asphalt because they can withstand water and wind damage.

Moisture stains and damages wood finish easily. Look at wooden floors, furniture, and walls for any possible water damage. Spray them with stain-removing solutions to bring back their natural appearance. If there is major storm damage, contact a professional. They can help with replacing destroyed and stain wooden furnishings and choose the best wood replacements for a home. Since the basement is the foundation of the home, it also needs to be checked for water damage. If moisture is in there, it can cause floor and wall damage. A professional can use a sump pump to get the water out of there. They can get the water out of there without causing any harm to the basement. If there is any electrical damage, it can be very hazardous. It is a good idea to hire an electrician to fix it.

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