Don’t Wait to Begin Water Damage Restoration

You need to contact a water damage professional as soon as possible if you find water or mold damage in your home.

The water damage that happens even within minutes is as follows:

– The water contamination spreads, which rapidly increases claim costs.
– Furniture that is sensitive to moisture begins turning white.
– Furniture that stands on soaked carpets begins to leach and stain the carpeting.

The water damage that happens within hours is as follows:

– Furniture that is in direct contact with water starts to lose its finish and swells up.
– Odors start to become very noticeable.
– Dyes in fabrics start to bleed.

The water damage that appears within days is as follows:

– Fungi start to appear. An odor emanates from them.
– Wood starts to warp. Your wood floors might not be able to be salvaged.
– Your paint will blister, and any wallpaper will start to become detached.
– Wooden parts of your home’s structure start to swell and split apart.

Within weeks, mold will sink roots into organic materials and destroy them. A complete gutting of the structure may even be necessary.

Contact Assurance Restoration today to begin your water damage restoration service. 

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