What Are Roof Tarps?

When your roof is damaged, it obviously makes sense to stop any water from getting inside and making the situation worse. It may take you a long time to get a roofer to repair the damage. However, a tarp can be put in place almost instantly.

Your insurance company and policy will require you to prevent and minimize any more damage to your property. Since it is dangerous to be up on your roof, it is best to have a professional install the tarp. Depending on the quality of tarp used, your patch should last anywhere from one to six months.

To secure a tarp to your roof, you should follow the following steps:

1. Locate the problem spots on the roof.

2. Stretch a tarp flat on the roof.

3. Extend the top edge of the tarp over the ridge of the roof.

4. Put in place several pieces of lumber on the tarp. These should run vertically down the slope of the roof.

5. You should attach the lumber into the roof with nails about every 16 inches.

6. You should use felt roofing nails with a plastic washer to help fasten the tarp to the roof.

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