Smoke Damage: Why You Need a Professional

When a house fire breaks out, it’s easy to think everything is over once the firefighters put out the flames. Unfortunately, there is a tremendous amount of work left to be done in order to restore the home to its former state. Smoke damage leaves homes with stains, soot, and other residue which is difficult to clean, and often hazardous to your health.

What is Smoke Damage?

When fires are extinguished, the resulting smoke permeates walls, carpeting, clothing, furniture, and wood structures in the home. The chemicals it releases often produce toxins and odors that make humans ill. Since smoke is fuel that never burned, it generally includes gases such as carbon monoxide, methane, and formaldehyde, among many others. The danger in leaving such residue on surfaces in the house is apparent.

The Dangers of Smoke Damage

  • Severe Odor – Ordinarily, an odor wouldn’t be considered dangerous. However, smoke odor is so detrimental that people often become ill from smelling it for too long. Odors this bad generally require professional equipment and processes that deodorize and clean the stench of smoke from your furniture, carpeting, clothes, and other items you plan to keep.
  • Toxic Particles – When smoke from fire forms, it creates micron particles that contain various toxins. These particles saturate all surfaces in the home, creating a hazardous area to touch or breathe in until properly and thoroughly cleaned.
  • Weakened Structure – Beyond the superficial dangers smoke damage causes is the structural damage. Wood frames and stairs are weakened by the introduction of the same toxins in smoke, creating potential injuries if a part of the structure collapses.

Smoke Damage Irritations

  • Pervasive Odor – Once the noxious fumes from smoke damage have been contained to a degree it no longer makes people ill, there is still a lingering odor. Intensive and repeated cleaning and deodorizing may be necessary to fully rid the home of offensive smells.
  • Soot Stains – After a fire, soot accumulates where items or parts of the home have burned. It also lines the walls, causing black stains that are difficult to remove. Once all debris and piles of soot are discarded, the real work begins in the form of extensive scrubbing and application of disinfectants and other heavy duty cleaning products.
  • Yellowing – In the same way walls and ceilings become yellowed when someone smokes in a home for years, smoke damage from a house fire also causes yellowing. Similar to the soot clean up, returning dingy, yellow walls to their original color requires hard work, repeated cleanings, chemicals, and a couple coats of paint over primer.

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